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Are you thinking about launching a Self-Employment Assistance (SEA) program in your state or territory but don’t know where to begin? Start here with the basics to help get your program up and running.

Learn about federal SEA requirements and how states are implementing their programs.

Review the Employment and Training Administration’s recent guidance to understand the changes made to state Self-Employment Assistance programs and the new opportunities included in the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act. Then discover what’s included in other states’ legislation and the strategies already in practice.

Write the necessary legislation to establish your SEA program.

Cut and paste from model language provided by the Department of Labor to get a jump-start on your state legislation.

Build a model program.

Use examples from other states to help determine eligibility requirements, program processes, and reporting structures to qualify candidates and track your program’s process.

Identify free or low-cost online training and establish training program partners.

Entrepreneurial training is a key component of state SEA programs and a critical success factor for new entrepreneurs. Identify free online or low-cost training for your program participants. Learn from Washington's training strategies and partnerships. Explore the Small Business Administration’s Toolkit for online training, curriculum, mentoring, and other resources.

Create supporting materials and forms.

Design your applications and progress reports for qualifying candidates and tracking their progress throughout the program.

Promote your program.

Conduct market outreach by creating and posting promotions and fact sheets to generate interest and help answer questions about the program

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