The U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL), in partnership with the Small Business Administration (SBA), created the Self-Employment Assistance Center to provide information, resources and tools to help build state entrepreneurial programs for individuals eligible for Unemployment Insurance compensation. Within this website you will find the building blocks of a state SEA program including model legislation, state examples and links to tools, resources and training for entrepreneurs. 

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy; creating two out of every three new jobs in America. While participation in Self-Employment Assistance (SEA) programs is voluntary on the part of both the state and the unemployed individual, the USDOL and the SBA want to encourage and support all states in offering SEA programs as a way of fostering entrepreneurship and creating jobs.

Recent federal legislation and grant opportunities for states have generated significant interest in the Self-Employment Assistance Program. This website is specifically targeted at governor’s staff, state legislative staff, state workforce, unemployment insurance administrators and policy makers, and other partner organizations and stakeholders responsible for drafting SEA program legislation and developing state SEA programs.